Digital Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has without a doubt brought many changes in how companies interact with the outside world, be it; job interviews, meetings, education, online retail etc. Companies are putting systems and technologies in place to bridge the communication gap between service providers and consumers.

While some argue that the year ahead will show major change in methods of interaction - others believe in a post-2020 ‘return to normal’ in the next coming year. With consumers driven by the pandemic to use online tools; we see more and more leading companies drifting towards methods which increase engagement through digital platforms. It is still not in the clear of how everything will turn-out, however; here are some trends to lookout for throughout the pandemic.

Digital Marketing & Communication

Throughout the years the digital world has accelerated ways in which we communicate with others, we have seen well known social networks like Facebook, and LinkedIn continue to dominate in their respective markets.

With a slight disconnect of in-person meetings or human interactions, businesses will find more methods and tools to encourage online connections with their customers as well as employees.

Key Note: As a result of disruption caused by the pandemic, most businesses will presume with an outlook to get their cash flow back on track, businesses will use faster, innovative, effective strategies to market products and services, and reach out to consumers.

Switching to Virtual Interaction

Lock-down restrictions have shoved more companies and the likes into the virtual arena. In the past year companies embraced virtual conferencing to substitute for on premise or face-to-face conferences. One of the issues; was that there was less engagement with audiences, moving forward, companies are looking to refine and expand the capabilities of virtual conferencing, and also use other ways to make engagement with their audience more personal.

Online Collaboration Tools

With the assist of web-based platforms and technologies for sharing files and connecting with others, a number of companies have had their employees working from home since the beginning of lock-down, others with no promise of returning back to office. We see also online collaboration tools being used in other sectors like Education, institutes are able to engage with learners remotely.

Rise in E-commerce / Online Transactions

Couple of years ago a fraction of the population was very skeptical when it came to boarding the ship of online buying and selling of goods and services – one of the possible reasons being lack of ‘TRUST’.

Due to the pandemic, there was an interesting turn of events in the early stages of lock-down, sellers experienced an increase in online shopping throughout the country, and even when stores opened; online shopping continued to be on the rise, proving that it is not going away anytime soon.

Digital / Cyber Security

Cyber security has been around for ages; however, time and time again new threats to confidential data are being posed by hackers. This make’ security a high priority in the digital world, companies should protect against attacks and unauthorized access to programs, networks and devices, as this may result in serious damages and loss.


With a shift in business and consumer behavior as a result of the pandemic, developing more creative ways to connect the two and transform the digital experience is a necessity.

It is best we look to what lies ahead, and better prepare our businesses and organizations for a greater future.